The Tuvalu Learning Project (TuLEP) is a partnership between the Tuvalu Government and the World Bank.

The five-year (2020-2025) project implemented by Tuvalu focuses on improving education in the early years to establish a strong foundation for learning through local language literacy, community and parental engagement and strengthened teaching at the preschool through secondary levels.

The project also includes financing for the establishment of a Central Project Management Office (CPMO) managed by the Ministry of Finance to strengthen capacity of the Government of Tuvalu to provide implementation support to this Project and other World Bank-financed or co-financed operations.

The project addresses key challenges:

  • Quality of education and low literacy recorded by the Pacific Islands Literacy and Numeracy Assessments (PILNA) and low pass rates in the Tuvalu Junior Certificate (TJC) examination.
  • Dropouts at the secondary level
  • Teacher continuous professional development
  • Gender parity in favor of girls
  • Lack of current operational policies in several areas essential to guide teaching and learning
  • Teacher and Student Absenteeism


The project’s main beneficiaries are the children of Tuvalu enrolled in ECCE centers, primary and secondary school through the duration of the project (estimated at 3,000 students including new entrants to the system each year). Other beneficiaries include parents, primary caregivers and community members (estimated at 6,124) through the community awareness campaign. The project will also support all teachers (estimated at 200) and Education Department staff (estimated at 20) through training and capacity building.

Website: https://cpmo.gov.tv/tuvalu-learning-project/

Link:  TuLEP Key document

Link: TuLEP Additional Information




If you have any questions, suggestions or complaints please don’t hesitate to contact us:

Project Manager
Pamela Lysaght 

Deputy Project Manager:
Temetiu Malaga