The Tuvalu National Curriculum and Policy Framework (TNCPF) is based on our belief that our children and students will be provided with the best educational experiences in our schools and learning centers. This framework is the new direction for all Tuvaluan children and students based on our values and aspirations taking into account the needs of our citizens and our country’s future.

This statement recognizes

  • Our indigenous culture, our values and our national identity
  • Fosters personal, social, work, aesthetic, traditional and cultural values
  • Supports coherent learning standards from ECCE to Year 13
  • Promotes harmony and collaboration with other cultures to support our participation in the local, regional and global economic and social arena
  • Clarifies principles of learning based on the students developmental stages and competencies Describes assessment and reporting practices
  • Promote inclusive and education for sustainability
  • Promotes vocation education and training for important livelihood skills

The reformation of the Tuvalu curriculum will greatly influence the functions of the MEYS. This is the beginning of the new education journey for Tuvalu. The TNCPF is derived from many sources including best practices in Pacific and International education and research documents about national priorities in education. We need to build on these experiences and take account of their history.

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Tuvalu National Curriculum and Policy Framework