Pre-Service Department

The development of Tuvalu’s most valuable natural asset, the people who constitute its Human Resources, has always been a national priority and is of vital importance for the future development of the nation.

The Pre Service department manages and coordinates the government Pre-Service students’ stipends, academic reports, and tuition fees to ensure they are all in-line with the Pre-Service training policy.

The objectives:·

  • Improve and increase the skill capability of the Tuvalu workforce in the government, public and private sectors
  • Provide capable Tuvalu citizens with training opportunities
  • Ensure that the public service or employment in general in Tuvalu is staffed with suitably qualified persons
  • Promote self-reliance by reducing dependence on foreign workers
  • Provide a fair and non-bias selection based on merits and without discrimination
  • Improve administration of approved scholarships.
Assistant training officer with pre-service students currently studying in Fiji

Staff Members


Falili Simeona

Training Officer


Lisa Petaia

Assistant Training Officer


Flosiu Hailama

Clerical Officer